Losing Weight Means Chosing to Live

Losing Weight Means Chosing to Live

I watched an interview with Ophra Winfrey the other day where she was asked about her recent weight loss.

"What is it?" she was asked, "That let you finally lose weight?"

Ophra thought for a minute, then looked at her interviewer and said, "Losing weight means choosing to live."

I know exactly what she was talking about. There is a lot more to being overweight than all the medical problems that we encounter. The worse part of being overweight is how draining it feels. Body fat replaces muscle. It’s unproductive body mass. It weighs you down and doesn’t have a lot of life to it. Fat is worse than dead weight, it uses up your blood, nutrition and energy - it sucks the life right out of you!

Most of the time we don’t even know how bad we feel when we are overweight. It slowly creeps up and we spend more and more time sitting down, slouching down, even laying down.

We completely forget that muscle likes to jump up and go. We forget how easy it is to run, jump and lift when our bodies are full of life and muscle. That’s why Ophra says that losing weight means choosing to live. She lost her weight this time through exercise and diet - not through diet and thinking about exercise. She got the right personal trainers, and committed herself to the full amount of time that it would take to transform and build the muscles of her body. She knows that her new body is full of a vibrant life that was missing in her before. She chose to live.

If Ophra can do it, so can we. Maybe we aren’t rich and famous but we all have the opportunity to have a wonderful life. We have so much to live for: Snow to play in, rivers to raft, mountains to climb, projects to make. Health and fitness is our key to enjoying our full lives.

Knitters suffer from the same craziness of modern life that affects our whole society. All the things that make weight slowly creep up on us are not going to go away just by wishing. It turns out that gym membership is the antidote to the ills of modern living. We want to be healthy and fit so we can go outside, but the easiest place to achieve that is inside! Inside the walls of a fitness center.

At a good gym you get inspired to complete your workouts. You get to meet others who will help you. And, most important of all, you get to use specialized equipment that targets all the individual muscles in your body. Regular tune-ups at the gym put the life back in your body. It doesn’t feel like work at all after awhile, it feels like aliveness, like strength and energy.

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